Useful Engineering Websites
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Seal-less Booster Pumps Reduce Maintenance Costs
Introduction How many times have you heard: "The windows on the school bus are foggy and there's no heat on the bus. My kids are cold!" Clearly, you know there is a problem with the mechanics of the school bus. Unfortunately, you already know the... Keep Reading
How to Prevent Bed Sores with Medical Beds
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Open Loop vs Closed Loop Blowers
What's the Difference between Open Loop Blowers and Closed Loop Blowers? What's the difference between open loop control and closed loop control? Simple, it's like driving a car. When you are driving your car, you give the car more gas to go up a... Keep Reading
Why are Cup Motors Used in Blowers?
Use of brushless dc motors is growing faster than that of any other motor type. Their application in blowers is no exception. Among the many benefits these motors offer is the ability to finely control speed — as everything from fixed speed to... Keep Reading
Brushed Vacuum Motors - How to Change Their Brushes
Brushed motors have driven blower, fan, grinder, and vacuum designs for more than 100 years. They remain more relevant than ever as their core strengths — simplicity in control, cost-effectiveness, reliability, and high peak torque outputs — are... Keep Reading
Where are VFDs Appropriate for Blowers?
Variable-frequency drives (VFDs) are adjustable-speed ac-motor controls that increase or decrease speed on non-explosion proof motors. Where their inclusion in designs are justified, they boost design performance and efficiency, minimize maintenance... Keep Reading
Top Six Misconceptions About Industrial Blowers
1. Despite the fact that many in industry use the terms interchangeably, technically there’s a difference between compressors and fans and blowers. Keep Reading
How Do I Get a Blower to Perform Properly for a Given Application?
Engineers selecting a blower for a given installation must have detailed knowledge (or at least estimates) of the application’s operating point as well as a plot of the system’s resistance curve; the prospective blower performance in response to... Keep Reading
The Difference Between Inrush Current and Operating Current
Consider inrush current and operating current — two values relating to a blower motor’s input capacity and output profile. Inrush current (sometimes called locked-rotor amps or starting inrush, depending on the context) is the current a motor draws... Keep Reading