Video! Tour the AMETEK DFS U.S.A. Plant Today -- Virtually That Is!

At AMETEK Dynamic Fluid Solutions, we understand that you're looking for more than just an off-the-shelf part or one-time solution. You need a true technology partner who understands your engineering challenges and is focused on providing new customized collaborative solutions. 

We also understand the need for access to local production facilities for better lead times and support. That is why AMETEK Dynamic Fluid Solutions custom designs and manufactures a range of performance AC and brushless DC blowers, motors, fans and pumps at its three production facilities in the USA, Mexico and China. 

This video takes you on a tour of our Rock Creek plant in Whitsett, North Carolina. Watch it now.


At the Rock Creek, NC plant, we produce an array of core and custom offerings to satisfy design objectives for:

        • Compactness
        • Lightweight
        • Noise minimization and
        • Power and control connectivity
        • And More. 

At this facility, we have capabilities to turn raw materials into finished goods through our machine shop and final assembly production cells. In fact, AMETEK DFS engineering and manufacturing satisfies even the most stringent requirements with products used in industries from medical to hazardous chemical processing.

Personnel at the Rock Creek plant regularly support engineers in sizing and selecting air movers, even through to testing and evaluation work in compliance with ISO 9001. Final manufacture follows exacting standards for RoHS and Reach compliance among others.

AMETEK DFS offerings include ROTRON pumps and motors for transportation applications and ROTRON regenerative blowers. The leading feature of these pumps is a rugged design to ensure life that exceeds 40,000 hours of operation. These pumps and motors are tested for quality before they leave the Rock Creek facility. ROTRON regenerative blowers are also designed to withstand harsh environments with our Chem Tough process.

Also in production at this AMETEK DFS plant is the Windjammer Pro, Microjammer and Nautilair brushless motor blowers, including everything from three inch to 12.3 inch blowers providing flow to 1000 CFM and pressures to 160 inches of water. As with the other products mentioned, these blowers are tested for quality before they leave the facility.

If you'd like to talk to us about how we can help you with end to end blower and motor support from custom designs to testing and final manufacture, then please fill out the form below.