Blower-Performance Differences
Blower performance depends on dozens of electromagnetic and geometric design features. made up of tolerances heightens blower-to-blower performance disparities — even between those supposedly made of identical parts. Keep Reading
Blower Power Terms
Blower performance, efficiency, and output are partially quantified by power terms that account for ac electric input, resistance, reactance, impedance, airpower, and output in airwatts. Power equations for ac setups relate three types of electrical... Keep Reading
Blower Airflow Separation: Where are Bypass Blowers Useful?
In bypass motors the working air is independent from the cooling air. A separate fan directly cools the motor armature and field. Usually the cooling air enters and exists through slots in the equipment housing.  Bypass blowers are... Keep Reading
Comparing Regenerative & Centrifugal Blowers
Let's Define Each Blower. What is a Regenerative Blower? A regenerative blower has impeller blades passing the inlet port to draw air or other gases into the blower. The impeller blades then, by centrifugal action, accelerates the air outward and... Keep Reading
Brushed vs Brushless Motors
When you are searching for a solution, you've already got a few parameters in place to help you make your decision. But do you know everything about the product you need? Let's take a look at a few parameters that may be helpful when you're... Keep Reading
VIDEO! The Role Anaerobic Digester Blowers Play in Creating Energy From Animal Waste
Watch this video now to get an understanding of the role Anaerobic Digester blowers play in creating energy from animal waste.  Keep Reading
Video! Tour the AMETEK DFS U.S.A. Plant Today -- Virtually That Is!
At AMETEK Dynamic Fluid Solutions, we understand that you're looking for more than just an off-the-shelf part or one-time solution. You need a true technology partner who understands your engineering challenges and is focused on providing new... Keep Reading
LOL with AMETEK DFS Cartoon Caption Winners' Gallery
AMETEK DFS introduces LOL with AMETEK DFS, featuring drawings by award-winning cartoonist Jerry King. The gallery below features all past cartoons. Click on the image and you will arrive at a page with the winning caption and all submissions for... Keep Reading
LOL with AMETEK DFS: You Write the Cartoon Caption Winner - Feb. 2021
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LOL with AMETEK DFS: You Write the Cartoon Caption
Everyone needs a little comic relief during their daily grind. So we'll have award-winning artist -- Jerry King -- draw the cartoons, and you'll supply the captions in the form below. The winner will be highlighted on our website and social channels... Keep Reading