AMETEK DFS Launches e-Catalog Tool


Finding the part you need online can be a cold, confusing experience if you’re not 100 percent sure what you’re looking for. Sifting through webpages and filters is time consuming, and even clunky, just to narrow your search from thousands of SKUs to hundreds.

That’s why AMETEK Dynamic Fluid Solutions created its own online catalog and web store to cut through the confusion and allow customers around the world to view, purchase or request a quote for 4,000 of DFS’s motors and blowers.

This new e-catalog tool ( breaks products down into five core categories: Blowers, Regenerative Blowers, Transportation, Brushed Vacuum Blowers and Drive Motors. From there, customers efficiently use filters to narrow their product selection. Users can even compare and contrast up to five products within each category.   

If the product selected is a popular item within the Blower or Brushed Vacuum Blower categories, customers can select the “Buy Now” feature which highlights products that can be purchased directly online, and at what price.

For other products and categories, customers can add items into their shopping cart which allows them to request a quote. An AMETEK DFS sales engineer will then follow up.

“This new e-Catalog tool is an important expansion for us to provide access to our products in ways our customers want to see them,” said Tom Starek, technical marketing and business development manager. “AMETEK DFS has always been known as the leader in brushed, brushless and regenerative blower technology. Now, we can provide our customer base another avenue to find, research and select our products on their timetable.”

The Blower category features the Nautilair® family of brushless blowers, with their innovative design and advanced technology. These blowers offer compact, low noise and long-life solutions to fit specific application needs. This section allows users to choose from:

  • 24 different voltages
  • Nine speed controls
  • Four stages
  • Three different values of pressure and air flow

The Regenerative Blower category features specialty blowers for commercial spa, high temperature, natural gas, and gasoline vapor recovery applications. This section allows users to choose from:

  • 35 different voltages
  • 25 different horsepower options
  • 10 motor options
  • Three Hz options
  • Three different values of pressure and air flow
  • Two phases

The Brushed Vacuum Motor category features Lamb® motors, which have been a staple in the vacuum and blower industry for years. This section allows users to choose from:

  • 35 different sizes
  • 13 different voltages
  • Nine different outputs
  • Eight stages

The Transportation category offers brushless DC fans and impeller style blowers with multi-speed aerodynamic performances for all types of high airflow applications. Our standard designs come with fully integrated electronics and have environmentally resistant designs that withstand exposure to natural elements. With airflow exceeding 1900 CFM, these products combine the long-life expectations of brushless DC products with maximum cooling and air moving capability. This section allows users to choose from:

  • 60 different speeds
  • 59 different AMPS currents
  • 12 different voltages
  • OEM-specific parts

The Drive Motor category showcases high-quality motors used in hydraulic pumps, winches, snowplows, scissor lifts, coffee grinders, pumps, mixers and many other industrial and commercial applications. This section allows users to choose from:

  • 21 different voltages
  • 18 different sizes
  • Eight different windings

Click on, select a product line and get started today!